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Hello everyone

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I'm Vicky from Québec in Canada. I have a Nissan Verse 1.8L 2012. It's my first car, i had it for 2 years now and I want to learn to like my car. I a fan of car, so this is my baby even if I would have like an other car (yes, I'm spitting on something that is given to me, but I like faster car with more personality). So make me learn to modify my car, so it could be more attractive to me :) For now I have to change the front bumper, because I had an light accident this winter and I didn't had the money to change it, so I will do it this summer :) I was thinking putting sway bar to stabilize my car and have more fun with. I'm open for your personal opinion and experience.

Big love from Québec
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Strut tower braces are popular, easy and definitely help in the cornering dept, as well as lower profile tires
Welcome Vicky to the NVF!
Welcome as well. You will find lots of suggestions and advice on the forum just browse around.

Easiest mods to do: front strut brace, rear sway bar, k&n drop in or CAI or SRI intake, performance exhaust, bigger wheels and stickier tires. Those mods there will give you a bit more power (nothing neck-snapping but will be fun) and much better handling.

Then there are a ton of things you can so to personalize and accessorize your V to make it your own.

Have fun!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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