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hello everyone

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I go to school with another one of your members named spencer, he told me about the forums, well actually he put a broshure on my windshield, and i finally got time to get on the computer and join! Yall's forum looks prettty cool compared to some of the other ones ive seen! i should have pictures up this weekend!

the ride:
2008 nissan versa sport 5spd =)
already got k/n filter
2 12in MTX subs with a pyrmid style amp.
painted white stock alloy's
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hey! u finally got one here took ya long enough! you needa come over and tkae pics of ur v so u can put it up on here and i can steal ur cam to take pics of my v to lol...


its them subs in the back the weigh him down!
welcome! How do you have a sport with a 5spd? Thought the 1.8 models only came with a 6 spd?

Can't wait for the pics, I wanna see the painted wheels :)
thanks everyone for the ward welcomes!
rob- You dont want to know why its a 5spd.
technically yes its a 6spd.
na just kidding, i aint to good with the new manual transmissions and i hoped the clutch going into 6th on the interstate and i got a synchro (i believe) for it broke. so no more 6th gear! whats funny is that was my first time using 6th gear!

yea im going to take pictures this weekend over at spencer's house..
so its going to look badass with two versa's side by side!

did he tell yall that his hub caps got stolen??
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Hey Jake and welcome to the forums, glad you like the look of it :)

You reminded me I must get onto tweaking those brochures too........
welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay...
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