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Hello Everyone

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hi folks. My name's daniel aka sumo. I recently purchased a base 2009 super black manual versa hatch. Can't wait to get this bish modified :20:, atleast appearance and suspension wise. For now its my plain old family car. Been looking around between here and nico.. seems this gets more traffic so i finally decided to join. Well.. lets get this party started :party:
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welcome to the forum
welcome sumo!
Welcome to the forums. What's the plan for it?
I now have sl wheels on it. Time for a drop.. Gonna put a tow hitch on for a bike setup. Upgrade the shitty stock head unit and add some power door locks. As for power maybe a cai or Sri and possibly down the road headers and exhaust? Thanks for the greetings guys. I'm really enjoying this forum.
I like the future plan. I'd change the speakers as well. Do you plan on getting lowering springs or coilovers?
Just some springs. I'd like a moderate drop since I do intend to venture to some good bike trails occasionally. So I was leaning towards eibachs. Just always disliked the 4x4 gap. Haha especially when I park next to a mini van with less fender gap. As for speakers I'd possibly look into that. Who doesn't like booming bass. Haha. Anything within reason. It's been a while since I've had a newer car so I'm excited.
I hear you. How about TEINs? I've had mine for like 4 months and love them. MajorVersa is selling is for $145 shipped, which is great being that I paid $200 for mine.
Welcome :)

Just installed a hitch this summer on mine for my bikes. I was using the roof rack method, but it was just too hard for me to load the bikes up there myself. Hitch makes it so much easier! Enjoy!!
Welcome Sumo!
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