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I have a 08' as well SL Sedan V with CVT. Only had about 2 months now, but runs great and as iLuv states, good low rpm on highway. I am averaging 32MPG (imperial) city/hwy, 60/40.

In speaking with a couple of Nissan dealers and mechanics, they all praise the Versa CVT and claim it's rock solid. Plus the CVT has 200,000KM/8-Year (I think) warranty so if it blows up, you're covered. Only maintenance on the CVT is the CVT oil change, which is expensive ($350) and should be done around 100,000KM mark. The reason for the price is the oil is expensive (like $20 per litre). I was in at a Nissan dealer recently for some brake work and I asked them to check the CVT fluid. The color is changing a bit so they did recommend I do it soon, since I am at 119,000KM. I'll do this in a month or so.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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