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Hello from the North, eh!

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Hey all,
My name is Owen, but I go by opipe ( nick name I have had for year )

Technically I don't own a Versa today, but I will own one by the end of the month.
My father-in-law is returning his 2007 to the dealer off lease, and instead of walking away, I will be standing there with cash in hand to buy it out....for a crazy low price!!!
He leased it for 5 years, with a decent down payment, so it has helped reduce the buy back price, thus helping me.!!

The car is a Grey 07' Versa S hatch with Power package.
The bonus is, I know the history of the car, and it only has 48,000 kilomters on it, so she is not even broke in yet... :)

So I have been reading all the awesom posts on here, and I have discovered a ton of useful information.
I look forward to possibly meeting some of you someday!
Thanks for reading, and if there are other Northerners here, be sure to say hello!

I am located about 2 hours east of Toronto, Ontario!

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Welcome. Getting it at "buy back" price sounds good. Any plans?
welcome to the forum, and how far east is 2 hours?
Welcome to the forums.
I'll be up at Rice Lake on Victoria Day weekend:D Can't beat those lease return/buyouts eh?:DWelcome!
Welcome to the forums.
Welcome to the forum :)
did you own a maxima in the past?
Welcome to the forums :)
Welcome! And enjoy.
It's nice when you can buy a car you know you can trust (knowing the history etc).
Welcome! Are you right in Peterborough? Or are you in the surrounding area? We used to have a cottage near Lindsay, love the area up there!
Welcome to the forums!!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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