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Hello from the Sooner state

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Greetings from a Versa owner in Oklahoma.

Purchased a 2007 S sedan new, four years ago this month. Currently has approx 46,000 miles. I do all of my own maintenance and some repairs so I enjoy the exchange of information on the forums. Hope to learn and hopefully contribute some from my own experiences.
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Welcome from Georgia. I've only had my 2011 Versa since December but i've got about 23K miles now. I'm doing my own maintenance as well.
Welcome! Im just south of you in Louisiana!

We perform all maintenance on our own cars ourselves, its so much better than trusting someone else. I hope you find everything you need here!
Good to hear from you. Are you a Sooner grad? Manual or auto? How's your mpgs? Nice to hear from someone else doing their own mtce. I did get my mechanic to replace my fuel pressure regulator though. Welcome!
welcome! Please put some pics of your car :)
Welcome to nvf
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