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Hello I'm Phoenix_Simone

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Hello All,

I am a fairly new owner of a 2013 Versa HB. My Grand AM was on its last leg and I needed to get to work. Nissan was the third dealership that I went to that day, and needed to leave there with a car, period. I must say that I didn't like the Versa at first for many reasons. It wasn't tinted, no keyless entry, 4-cylinder, I hated HB's always thought they were ugly, no arm rest, no driver's side vanity mirror, the sun visors are too short and don't extend, and I hate the color red. Basically, I felt like my car was the ugly boyfriend that treated me well. Here it is three months later and my feelings have changed, for the most part. I can make cosmetic changes to make it more likable for me, and I guess I don't really need a 6-cylinder, though I am a fast driver. I actually like the fact that I have an HB, I am an active person, so it's easy to put all my stuff in the back, and I have tons of room. I was able to fit TWO bikes in the back, after a triathlon, plus I still had room for my bags. Overall, I really like my car now.
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Welcome to the forums
Welcome, the versa sure does win hearts over =)
welcome to nvf
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