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Hello, it's me

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Bought a 2008 SL fully loaded for the wife to drive instead of running up miles on my Suzuki SX4. The Versa seems like a solid car with good mileage and decent performance. We both like the quiet ride and smoothness of the CVT.

My primary ride is a 2006 GoldWing. The SX4 is intended for snow and when we retire (about five years off). I do much of my own work, but sometimes get lazy and have work done. All that we need for the Versa is a second key. I'm investigating that and will call the nearest Nissan dealer (Oak Ridge) to see if they want us for a service customer. The Versa only has 35555 miles on it, but being a 2008 is out of warranty.
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Update on keys - this model has the smartkey system. The fobs and chips have to have their codes added to the BCM to work. Was hoping the Infinity dealer owned by the VW dealer that sold me the Versa would do the Consult III programming for me, but they were afraid to. They did cut all of the blades for me (no charge) and called the Oak Ridge Nissan dealer to do the programming. $109 including tax to program the five (total)blades and two fobs. I purchased blades and fobs on eBay. All working great, now.
Welcome to the forums. Great mileage for an '08. My 2010 has 30K. :(
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