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2015 upgrade to power locks

I'm new to this forum and I just purchased a 2015 Versa S plus. I of course have manual windows and locks. Like others I'd like to try to DIY an upgrade to power locks. I'm hoping some of those that were on this thread a few months ago might still be around to offer some suggestions. From earlier threads it appears Versa models used to have installed power lock actuators even on the basic models - but from what I read on this thread this is no longer true (from 2014 on?). With that in mind I'd like to to try to install power locks using aftermarket actuators but it would be great to see a picture or two of work that has been done by others. If it is too late for pictures at least a description of where to mount the actuators in the door panel would be helpful. Hey any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated especially from lizardversa since he has done the upgrade.

1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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