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hello new member

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Hi guys my name is ariel bocanegra from harlingen texas 23 yrs old male just in case most ppl.get the name confused with a chick anyways im new to this n hope to make new friends i currently own a 2012 versa hatchback n just wanted options on how to get my ride nicely tricked out even if it might take a while to fix it up but any advice will b highly appreciated thanks :sifone: :biggrin5:
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Welcome to the forums.

There's too many ways to start modding your versa, just look at my sig below. I started with tint..then just kind of went with it. These cars are awesome at everything except power lol, happy modding.
sergmx said it well,
Thanks guys tint was one of the things i did to the car aside from flip out7 inch radio n speaker system I'm currently looking for some 18s n a how-to install of led strip around the headlight n what would b the best way to install them n well if anyone else has any more info hit me up let me know thanks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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