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Hi All,
I've been a Tiida owner since September 2007, when I bought a pre-owned Nissan Tiida 2006, 1.6 Hatchback.

In UAE, the Versa is known as the Tiida, but AFAIK, they're essentially the same, correct? The kit we're offered here sucks, as Cruise Control, etc. is unheard of, unless it's the newer shapes.

Haven't done any real modifications to it since I bought it as parts for the Tiida here are very, very rare.

Replaced the stock steel rims with 15" rims, changed the stereo with a Kenwood Head Unit with component speakers + amp + sub.

I've been looking around for some lightweight 16" or 17" rims, but can't find any, as they're 4 bolt, PCD 4x114.


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Welcome! looks awesome. If you have older nissan primera's over there then their wheels should fit your Tiida. They aren't really light weight though.
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