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Hello to all. I'm just looking for my way around this site and this is my first post.

I bought a new Versa in Feb-2018. I love it for the most part and my main beefs with it are the difficult clutch, the noisy tires, and limited color choices (I got the silver and it's okay). I can't replace the clutch so easily, a new paint job will cost a couple grand, but I am replacing the tires tomorrow. They get on my nerves that much. The tires are Continental ProContact with 5k miles on them. Almost new and they have irritated me a lot since I first drove on the freeway.

I'm getting a set of Toyo Eclipse tires from Les Schwab, tires that I have experience with and like. I think the ProContact tires were a really bad choice to sell a car with. I will be really happy to have tires that don't sound like hell.

Any sympathizers, or anyone with good advice?

Good to meet you all,
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