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Hello to all!

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Hello everyone,

I just bought a versa today and was looking for a website community. I came into this car because someone side swiped my civic(ended up getting totaled).

looking forward to talking to you guys and be ready for a lot of technical questions in the future. Also, the car i bought is a 2011 with 33779 miles and i do not belivee it has had a 30k check up. Should i go to the closest nissan dealerhsip to check that out? I am wondering because my trans fluid is not bright red. It is just a little dark.

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welcome to the forum this is the place to be when it comes to versas :)
Welcome! Enjoy the stay. A little reminder, the dealerships tend to be priced higher than your "regular" mechanics out there.
Welcome to the forums! Post some pics :)
Welcome to the forum. I wouldnt take it to the dealership, they charge way to much.
Welcome. Sorry about your Honda(my old car was Honda as well). What year was it? Any mods? And basic check up should be around $90. Is it a sedan or hatch?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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