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Hello Versa folk

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Found this forum, just joined up to get a set of hubcaps actually. Figured I would introduce myself into the forum community. :)

Live in York PA, work in Baltimore MD. Car is a 2007 Nissan versa S in white color. Its the six speed, quick little bugger. Wife drives it mostly. We bought it new, since then just basic tune up, brakes tires etc. Oh yeah, there was also the deer incident... the deer was fine, the car was not so fine. The deer also did not have insurance and fled the seen. :(

fun car!

p.s. do you guys think the hubcaps are gonna just keep flying off? is it a better investment to just get the alloys, and who has them cheap enough? used would be o.k. if they look decent.


Joseph Sayre
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welcome to the forum :)
Welcome Joseph!
When we took a trip to Lancaster, i could not believe the amount of deer w/o insurance down there, careful:D!
I guess hubcaps could become projectiles too, so I'd recommend some used Versa/Sentra alloys, and they're usually stronger than most aftermarket rims too:thumb2:
Keep the steelies for winter imo, without hubcaps of course:ihih:Hope it helps 08v
Welcome. Manual tranny here as well. LOL @ the deer incident.

As far as the hubcaps, I'd get a set from Wal-Mart, local Auto Parts(Advance, Pep Boys, etc), or a pick n pull(older Sentra has the same bolt pattern) and zip tie them so they dont come off so easy)...or if you can afford factory wheels that would be ideal. Older Sentras, 240s, and G20s have the same bolt pattern, older Accords and Preludes do too.

Some ideas...

athikerguy4life with Sentra SE-R wheels

hemifan87 with 240sx wheels

My 1.6 with SL wheels

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York to Balt is a bit of a commute! Road construction is a nightmare along that road... no wonder you lose caps!

Some folks just spray the steel wheels with OK results.
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