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Nothing as extreme as many that post here. I got the SV package, was assured by the salesman it would stream Bluetooth. I travel for my work, and have already racked up 6000 miles in my first month of ownership. I added some leds for the floor, just cheapo wally world stuff, mainly to help light up the cup holders. I would love to get the factory fin, and the oem bumper scuff guard. I will keep plugging away at the car stereo as well, adding a backup camera, and getting the module for mirrorlink. I think that as a whole averaging about 38 miles a gallon, the car runs great, and gives me all the power I need. I get a little frustrated reading complaints about how cheap the interior is, and how it doesn't accelerate as fast as other small cars. The main reason I chose the note was for the CVT, and I am very impressed in how it can handle a load, and not bog down. For a small car, this thing thinks it is a "Mini Mini-Van"

first of all welcome! and secondly, i hear you on the complaints about the interior and so called "lack of power", i know personally i have already done a little to increase the power offerings, but even stock this car has alot more pep than the reviews would have you believe, granted it does struggle a little with a full load of passengers and cargo, but just driving by yourself it actually has some get up and go. As for the topic of the CVT, im suprised that someone was actually looking for one with a CVT as that seems to be the complaint of most reviews and people in general. This is my first car with a CVT as well and having driven my Note close to 15,000 miles now i have yet to have any issues with it what so ever, so overall my experience has been good with the Note so far and with some of the aftermarket goodies that are in the works for it, just makes it all that much better to own one :)
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