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Hello Peeps.

Name is Dan from NJ. Signed up a long time ago, never posted anything really.Posted about having a few brake issues with my Versa, but it was fixed (rear shoes replaced) with a TSB through Nissan

Decided to introduce myself now.

I have a silver 2012 Nissan Versa SV sedan. I bought it used (CPO) in Sept of 2013, just under 25k and it now has 33500 on it.

It was a car to get used to, but I am glad I made the choice. No armrest, no sun roof :p, but hey, now now I love it.

Only thing I did to my Versa is seat covers. I really hope to get new rims in the near future. Hubcaps are fine, but rims look better.

I am part of a group Called Project Road Rush where we seek to provide the public with information that will help make the roads safer for everyone.

I carry two dash cameras on my Versa at all times, one in front and one facing my rear. Main goals of them is to "catch" bad drivers in the act, such as texting and running red lights, but most importantly is to protect against insurance fraud and/or he said/she said situations.

I hope to be active on here!


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