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Welcome New Member! :wave:

As far as I know the Nissan Tiida is built in Japan, and Nissan Versa is built in Aguascaliente, Mexico

I'm at 99,000 Miles and so far I had to replace

!. Head Light Bulbs
2. rear Brake Lights
3. rear Turn Signals
4. Battery
5. Air Filter
6. Oil/Every 3,000 to 4,000 Miles. I use 5/30 grade
7. Need to replace TPMS (tire presssure Monitor System) batteries
I have a Tire Gauge so that'll do for now

Tell us a little bit more about your Tiida and any problems that you're having

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Hello sorry it took me so long to respond I am at my wits end with this car. I am at about 40000 miles. 2008 model Tiida I said Versa to draw a reference.

1)My gas gauge dont work
2)the horn don't work unless you turn the steering wheel to the left and lock
3)had to replace the Belt twice and it making noise again
4)the air con makes a whistling sound that totally baffles me
5)had to replace brake lights too many times to count
6)The Engine Guard plastic thing i a nightmare
7) the leather bits has gone to hell in a hand basket
8) its started to rust in the trunk and the dealer swear its not him
9) when i close the door i have to wind down the window and close it because the entire console with the buttons come out in my hand both driver and passenger side
10) my front speakers sound like a hot mess if the radio get turned up past about 8

The list is endless when my mechanic sees me coming he says lord have mercy not again
that is a lot of problems,
how long is the factory warranty where you live?

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it was only a year I paid in full for the car when i traded my other car and the dealer gave me the run around and never fixed any of the issues. I am about to set a match to it i am so disappointed
so they sold you the car and they told you they were going to fix all those problems? or did you buy the car, and then the problems came?

if they said they were going to fix it, did they have on paper or was it a verbal agreement?
either way they should fix it because that was part of the deal
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