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IDK if anyone has had this problem specifically for the year of 2007 or if a different year it would be nice to know.

As you can imagine i live in Arizona (beautiful place to live except summer) and right now we are in the summer. So daily its get to be around 105-114 degrees F.

My A/C stoped working randomly so i took it to my mechanic and said everything was fine, and i got the whole A/C service. It worked fantastic for the 2 week or so, but now it doesn't blow as cold as it does now :cryin:!

I would like to fix it asap or know what i can do so it blow cold again, Az heat will get the best of me, i know when i enter the car(when it's been sitting outside in 110) the A/C wont blow cold right away, but after 15 mins of the car being on and driving it blows decently cold air out when it is on the coldest of the cold
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If it worked right after being serviced then it's slowly got worse I would say you have a leak somewhere.

As far as it not working well right away then becoming colder as you drive this is normal AC operation. All the cold air is soaking up all the heat in the lines and ducts. It needs everything to get cooled off before that icy cold air actually blows out the vents on to you.
Yes i would say it slowly got worse, but like i said i know it's not going to blow very cold right away. but after a well 15 mins of the car being on and me driving to my destination it doesn't get any colder just a tad bit and this is the A/C on really cold.

Yeah i will check to see if it is a leak or something.
You can test the pressure on the low side or put some of the UV Dye in. Goodluck. Any chance your still under warranty? If so just bring it in.
i live in florida...its not that hot but its still decently hot.
i find that the air isn't as cool as it was a few months ago when it wasn't 95-100 outside, and to save on gas i've been leaving mine on 2 so it takes a considerable amount of time to cool the whole car down.
some days it feels colder to me than others...idk
some days it feels colder to me than others...idk

Post too short.
no i dont have warranty, oh well. I try the above suggestion tomorrow. Thanks for all the input.
AzVersa07, have you changed your in cabin filter yet?
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