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Help diagnosing fuel economy issues

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I've had my Versa since November last year. It's a 2008 Hatch with the 1.8. Since I got it I have installed a CAI, cat-back exhaust (currently 2.5" from the cat back to a flow master 10 with resonated tip), had the transmission replaced under warranty, and changed spark plugs. I have never gotten better than 25mpg with my average being 22-23mpg. Idling in drive at red lights it feels like the engine is stumbling, smooth for a few seconds, then rough (vibrations felt through car and pedal/steering wheel) repeating every 15-20 seconds or so. This is my first fuel injected car so I am not as knowledge's about the tech as I am with my other car (1984 El Camino with a carbureted 350). Would the stuttering idle be fuel pressure related? With the mods I've done (I've done similar mods on the Camino resulting in better mpg), intake, exhaust, I should be getting better fuel economy, right? The fact that the current epa estimates for a 2008 Versa Hatch are 27 city and 33 highway mean I should be getting about 30 as 90% of my driving is highway. What should I look at to fix this? Fuel pressure regulator? Any and all help is appreciated.

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The 1.8's never got good fuel economy according to what I have seen over the years on these forums. There are a handful that get great numbers but getting 30+mpgs on the 1.8 is NOT the norm as seen here by this poll
I've been getting 22-24 mpg since I bought it. Nothing I have done has changed it. And no matter how I drive it stays the same. I don't understand how new plugs, cold air intake, and free flowing exhaust would NOT have an effect on fuel economy.

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Yeah weirdly the MR20DE does better for fuel economy. Although it's cams make it more efficient, and different valve timing settings. That's probably why.
I'm getting pretty good economy on highway driving.

Avg speed: 90 km/h
Total distance measured: 1173km
Avg Fuel Consumption (by measuring each refuel): 33mpg

This is with 5 people and a full trunk. I hope it will get better with less load. I also had around 33mpg on my previous car (a 1998 2.4L Altima) on highway.

This is after I got the new short block. Did you listen to your engine for any piston slap? How does the oil look after a few hundred miles? How did the old spark plugs look?
Only thing I hear from my engine is the tick of what I believe is the injectors. It does not increase with throttle and only happens at idle.

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Ive got a 2007 1.8 and I've measured 30 mph... how do you do your calculation?
could be the FPR, or the pump. they've been known to be weak and fail prematurely.

may be a good idea to run a compression test if you have the means. That will verify if there is any piston slap or any other compression loss issues.
Calculation is miles driven divided by fuel added (pump clicks off twice for consistency)

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I'm having the same issues. I'm averaging around 400 km per full tank; that's filling till the pump stops and rounding to the next full dollar. When idling, I can smell unburnt fuel in the exhaust. When I got the car, the dealer told me that it was the last one on the lot and it has sat there for a year. The car's "birthdate" was July 2, 2012. I bought it September 26, 2013. Could it be possible that the car sitting for so long has caused the internals to oxidize or otherwise deteriorate since it sat for so long? Any suggestions on how to increase MPG's? The first tank of gas gave me around 650 km and have not been able to replicate that since. The car is fully stock with only a drop-in K&N air filter.
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