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help, grounding my amp

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I have a 2011 Versa Sedan and I cant find anywhere to ground my amp (located in the trunk). I know It seems like a really simple thing, but I cant find a suitable location. I tried the bolts that connect where the trunk latches (too many ohms on the DMM) I tried the metal wall near the tail lights (too many ohms). I tried the bracket where the rear seat is (nope).

I can't seem to find the bolts where the seat connects to the car.

I did grind to the metal in a couple of spots, but still no luck.

Any ideas or suggestions on grounding the amp?
I know this should be the simple part.
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Thanks... I'll check that out tomorrow.

I remember the spare tire not being bolted down, but I'll need to check under the trunk floor board to see what is there.
Normally that's how a majority of cars have their's bolted down lol. I used to do it on my dad's van, I grinded off the paint, used 2 nuts to jam in between the wire O-ring terminal, and bolted down. I don't have pics but quite straightforward I hope :)
i have mine on a bolt in the trunk,i have a sedan though, maybe its a little different. ill take a pic tmrw
where u putting amp trunk or under front seats >? if under front seat any seat bolt or there is 14 nut under the armrest/cupholders u can also use.
I bolted mine to the rear seat some where....should be a good spot there to do it

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i did mine on the sidewall in the trunk.
thanks everyone! i really appreciate it.

the ground is fine.

i appear to have a short somewhere with my passenger rear speaker.
i am going to retrace my wiring.

i did check the ohms in all of the ground locations and never got the multimeter down to 0.2 ohm. but all of the ground spots seem to work just fine.
a loose clip came off the rear speaker. i feel so ... (something) about that. everything works fine now.

i got the alarm installed and the stereo installed.

I still need to add the disc changer to the cd player and trunk pin to the alarm. also maybe arrange the amp and sub in the trunk a little cleaner (that is also where I put the speaker crossovers).
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