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HELP, Light trouble :(

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Okay, I feel saddened to even have to write this but here is the scoop.

So you all know this weekend I went away. So Thursday night was the last time I drove my Versa home and when I did, all things worked. I parked her in the garage from Friday until this morning. I drove her to work this morning and all was good.
Just came home about a half hour ago, and after 5pm here it is already dark. So I went to turn on my lights (night lights and fog lights) and my high beams switched on, and the blue indicator light for the high beams showed up on my dash. So I turned it off thinking I had touched something and drove home with just the day time running lights.

So when I got home I tried again, turning all switches on and off and same thing, the fog lights are not turning on AT ALL, and instead the blue light is showing on the dash, and the high beams are switching on. Anyone know what is happening?????

I called the dealership but the service department was already closed so I left a message for them to call me back. I work tomorrow morning again so I'm hoping they call me with an idea of what is happening.

Anyone have any ideas? Clues? Has this happened to anyone before?

Thanks for your help!

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Pull your bulb's out. I bet one of them is blown. Also check to make sure your harness isn't melted. You aren't using any cheap aftermarket headlights are you?
I have never replaced any of the lights before. Never touched any electrical stuff. It was working Thursday night, and today nothing.
I am still going to take her in because the high beams are coming on instead of the fogs. Super weird.

Also, it is both fogs that are not turning on. How in the world do I take those out?
I'm going to ask my dad tomorrow morning what he thinks as well, but I think I'll just take her in.
might you have bumped your high beam switch, sounds stupid, but check, most factory fog lights will not come on when the high beams are on

hope that helps
Sounds like to me that the combination switch for all lights has been bumped forward or is internally shorted out, pull back on the tun signal stalk till it does not move not much force needed for this one maybe two fingers is all that is needed to turn off the high beams. FYI all factory installed fog lamps automatically tun off when high beams are selected.
I just assumed she already turned off the high beams? But if you didn't pull the stalk toward you. And as stated above the fogs and low beams will not be illuminated if the high beams are on. All factory cars are like this.
I didn't just flick the high beams on, trust me I tried turning the knob for the lights dozens of times. The fogs are not coming on at all. Rather the high beams are. Again, I haven't used the car in days, and the last time I did everything worked.

I have interior lights in the footwell, but they are simply connected to the radio switch in the car, we never touched any of the lights in the car. And this was done months ago. Will the dealer tell me this caused that to happen?
FYI all factory installed fog lamps automatically tun off when high beams are selected.
Never tested that in the past. But the fogs are not coming on. I turned the switch for my lights and stepped out of the car to check, and NO fogs :( I seriously don't know why it did that. I called the dealership but they were closed, so I'll see what they say tomorrow.
the switch for the brights is not a rotational switch on the turn signal stalk, try pulling the whole signal stalk towards you, it seems to me like this is what happened. i bump my brights on all the time.
I turned the switch (rotated it forward) and backwards like I do everyday to turn on my lights, and nothing. Trust me, I tried dozens and dozens of times. I will try again tomorrow morning and pray that it is just a fluke, but I think there is something wrong. My high beam light is staying on when I turn forward my dial to turn on the lights.
pull the stalk back if that does not work then it sounds like they will have to replace the combination light switch from there maybe the bcm couldn't tell you with out seeing it myself.
PULL the stalk towards you, DO NOT rotate it, pull it towards the steering wheel laterally.
nissan up here said it might be a wire or something could be lose but he said look at the fuse and see so have look at that before u speed big money so yeah do that
yeah it sounds like either the brights are on, or the multifunctional switch malfunctioned, and yes technically it is illegal in certain areas to have brights and fogs on, cars have been wired like this for many years, although most there is an easy work around such as pulling and bending a relay lead (did that on my ranger)

I dont think the wiring melted or anything like that
sounds to me like she bumped the switch. all the cars i work on everyday have this inability to do the high beams and fog lights trick.
could be that idk i have not had the problem but my fog light are made from walmart lmao so mine are on a switch i can trun on and use idk what the versa with stock lights look like?
My stock fog lights are on a rotational switch (the same switch as the regular lights). I will try again this morning, but I have a feeling something is wrong.

You guys think it is a fuse? Versa s 2007: You said Nissan told you that a wire could be lose or something. Is this covered under my warranty if I take it into them. I'm tutoring this morning at the school until lunch time and will come back home before taking the Versa in. Just hoping it is covered. How could this have happened? The last time I used the car it worked, and then I parked it for 3 days and now there is a problem with the lights :(
the one thing we all are wanting to make sure of, and you have not said you tried this but you keep saying you rotate it,

did you try pulling the same stick twords you to make sure the brights are turned off?

Also if you did try pushing it to turn them on, then push it back to normal position
Oh no!!! :sad: I'll keep my fingers crossed that your little V heals up
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