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Help! OEM Continental Tire Premature Pressure Loss

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I have a 2010 Versa that just passed its 1-year anniversary. The rear-left OEM Tire (Continental Conti Pro Contact 186/65/15) prematurely lost pressure yesterday. It was driven on its sidewall while getting home. The tire place says that it cannot be repaired because some heat ring failed and it was driven on the sidewall. There was no nail involved - it just collapsed. I have read online that this is an issue with this tire. Is it? We are going to call the dealership, but wanted to see if they will fix this under warranty or am I stuck buying a new tire? If I have to buy a new tire, can I buy a different brand for the one tire - replacing the OEM is $137!

Help! Urgent responses appreciated. Thanks!
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When was the last time you checked your tire pressure prior to this? Whatever that tire place was talking about a heat ring, thats a bunch of hooplah. Riding the tire on the sidewall weakens the lining inside, its dangerous and can result in a blowout at high speed. As far as the pressure loss issue, I have no info on that, unless you contact Continental directly and find out wit the DOT number on the tire. The dealer won't do anything because tires aren't warranted since they're wear and tear. Now buying a different new tire isn't advisable either. You gotta match the treadwear, traction, temperature, and speed rating. It can handle differently from the other Contis on the car as well.
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