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Help with tail light ideas

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I've never been a big fan of the stock tail lights on the black V... it's just so much bright red.... so I want to modify them!

At, first I was going to get these....

... But I've read that the bulb housing is different from stock
Has anyone had any experience with them??

I wouldn't mind modifying them in a different way either, but smoked tail lights on a black car don't look good to me....

Are there any other options for a good after market look?

Thank you!
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Hey this is pretty cool..... Looks like it would fit a 2007, but says 2010-2012
You could theoretically heat the housings up and pry the lense' off just like you would do with any sealed housings, and paint the housings black, i thought this would look really neat because the lense' are tinted red, so with a black housing, you'd have a subtle smokey red look, kind of like stock Mazda taillights (black housings). I tried though and they don't come off... So all you have is the aftermarket ones.
Why not get some NiteShades VHT and create your own unique design over the OEM lights?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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