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hemifan87: 1987 Nissan 200SX

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Well I had to sell my 93 Dodge Dakota today :( but I picked up a new project car today a its a red 1987 Nissan 200sx I'm so excited about it I have wanted that car for so long. Its a 2.0L 4cyl with a 5 speed and its rear wheel drive has a sunroof. Its in good shape for the year I will post pics tomarow.
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That is sick I am super jealous you got a hold of one. I wanted a fast back s12 for ages now.
Glad to see another member with an s12. Its a fun little car. Ive had mine since 2001 but never bothered to modify it until 2004. I might be selling my lowering springs since im going coilovers.

Heres my s12 at its prime

And currently its been under the knife and looking like this

Keep us updated on the project
Beautiful car but im a little confused by the fact that it seems that you went from a beautiful jet black to a stock blue paint job?
I got tired of the black and decided to go back to oem color to keep it original.
Any updates on mods?
sounds great! keep us updated!
What do you think you will mod it with
Wheels look really good! I totally agree with you that flip up headlights are sick. Its the main reason I like the s12 and s13. But I like the s12 more because it makes me think of a supra of the same year but better looking. That may be the badge talking since I prefer nissan over all other makes but anyway.
1 - 6 of 76 Posts
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