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hemifan87: 2009 Versa S

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heres some pics so far what do you guys think

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nice sedan man, you gonna lower it?
i like the eyelids with that 2010 grill
one day when i get the money and the wife lets me lol more so the 2nd part of that
Looking good. Are those sidemarkers?
no they are skull badges but today i was looking at them and wondering how it would look to put an amber LED under them and make turn lights
how low would be good 1.5 or 2 in for the versa and would i just need springs. i havent ever dropped a car before and was looking at some springs online.
How low you want the car all depends on your taste, mine is 1.5 drop and I feel its to high still (so am saving for coilovers). To lower the V all you need is springs. Some people suggest to change the shocks as well, but many including my self have left the original shocks, I have not had any issue's. Good luck keep us updated.
@ respondingversa do you have rims on urs or are they just OEM
o ok thats right i remember seeing them. i have 18" konigs so i was wondering if i should lower it 1.5" or 2" not sure lol
the new tint more tint to come next month

the Tiida style turn lights

the lights inside

i like this pic makes the car look mean with the eye lids

got some more stuff coming in the mail should be here this week or next week
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looks great man what are you getting in the mail or is it all a surprise
you know if your friends with me on facebook but Im going to wait I think.... well heres a hint, I have 3 diferent parts coming but heres some pics, and they are all related in a way...

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whats ur facebook url and ill friend you and i dont know what there called but i like the top pic isnt it for aerodynamics and the bottom pic i have no clue you got me there lol
link removed
alright i just sent you a friend request my name is hunter. but what are the alluminum things for i have no clue whats it for.
accepted look in my versa pics you will see down near the bottom
alright thanks and its gunna look good on your V and thats kinda what i want to do to my V but idk yet lol
Well I took the car on a photoshoot today just me :( no other members near me. Warning lots of pics

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Nice pics!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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