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hemifan87: 2009 Versa S

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heres some pics so far what do you guys think

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Ok guys this is somewhat hard to say but project black widow is done. First off yes I am keeping the versa I just want to build a fast car I will use the versa as a dd and Weekend auto x but it will never give me the hp numbers I want (besides it was built for the turns). I will be focusing on the s12 and building that car for drag starting with a motor swap after I build the motor I'm going with a ca18det I found a imported JDM motor with trans harness and ecu. There is a lot of support for this motor out there. It won't happen fast but this will happen I already have a thread on this car in my Sig. My plan for that car is 100% sleeper it will look stock except wider rear tires. The versa was a fun car to build and is a great car to drive it may still get a few things here and there but no more big things I can just get so much more out of the s12 then I could for the same money with the versa. I will be posting some before and after shots tomorrow to fully finish this thread.
did you take it to the race track just to see what it ran in the 1/4 or 1/8 mile?
That's very cool, good news for the s12, in GT5 it says the ca18 is a robust motor
The versa has not been to the track yet and the s12 isn't ready. And yes I have heard the ca18 is a strong motor and I would like to build it up. From what I have heard stock it can handle up to 400hp and I want to build it up with forged parts. My only problem right now it's funding the build lol I figure to build it right and the way I want I'm looking at about 10k just in the motor so it will be a few years lol, but if I put that kind of work and money in it I should able to build to just about any hp number I want. But we will see how long it takes I do have a wife and kids to support.
This is the final picture for my build thread, this is from the time I started on the forum until now and how the car has changed what can't be seen as all the work I've done to the suspension and body underneath everything.

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ok still nothing new (did put in a cb till I get a truck, and I put my other rims back on) I did a small photo shoot why waiting for my wife to get her nails done, nothing big but I got a few good shots

and my favorite picture

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Gotta love the big tires, makes it look like you have coils instead of springs. Looking good still.
Gotta love the big tires, makes it look like you have coils instead of springs. Looking good still.
Thank you and you know it's funny the tires arn't that much different then factory they are wider but height wise about the same and the rims are only 16's I think it's the color that gives it that look.
So some of y'all might remember me some won't but I had posted up my project was done and I was starting work on my 200sx... well life had other plans last year the versa lost it's engine and my 200sx had to become my daily for a while and I had to start saving for a new engine. I was very torn on what to do with the versa. I still owed money on it so I didn't wanna just let it sit and pay in it do I decided to repair it, now do I just replace the factory engine and possibly sell the car (family was growing and it was starting to get small lol) our do I replace the engine with the bigger mr20de and try and save the project for a bit longer? Well I decided to go the way of a bigger engine since I found one for only a little more then factory and had it shipped to the shop to have it put in. It took a few weeks for it to come in and the old engine was so bad that when I got word the new one was in I got the car from storage and drove it to the shop it couldn't even get above 50mph. I can't tell you how excited I was when I got the call to come pick up the car it honestly felt like seeing an old friend again when I got in it and took it for the first drive, it was so amazing. It's been almost a year now and it's still so much fun to drive the car still needs some love but it's getting back to where it used to be nothing else has really been done to it besides the engine but it's definitely got my interest back and there will be very big things coming as soon as the money right. But anyways I'm back and I hope to become a big part in the forum once again as I used to be, I will also put a few pictures of the car now.

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