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Hey Everyone!

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Hey guys just wanted to take a second to introduce myself...

My name is Cole and I'm from the Baltimore, MD area..

I drive a black '07 Versa S 6MT, and have had it since it was new.. so far I have done...

-HID Headlights and HID/Aftermarket Fog lights (Which one of my neighborhood kids kicked in... anyone have suggestions for OEM looking fogs (I already have the finishers, just need the lights))
-Alpine Head Unit
-Infinity Reference 2-Way Speakers
-Kicker 10" Comp w/ bridged 4-way Alpine Amp
-Fujita CAI
-35% Tint all around
-Tinted Tail Lights
-Tanabe NF210 Lowering Springs
-LED Interior Lights and Licence Plate Lights
-15" MB Wheels Seven-X (Currently En Route)

I will definitely have some pics shortly after I get the wheels on (Wednesday). I'm a member of another Versa Forum (Dont know the rules of calling other forums by name), but it seems to have kinda died down... I am definitely excited to get to know people here and see what others have done!
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Welcome. Mods sound good. What color is it?
welcome to the forum and yes post up pics we love em :)
Welcome to the forums, Cole.

Very nice! You've had that V a long time, how many miles now? How's the manual holding up? I'm on nico too, but usually i'm here. Welcome Cole!
Thanks guys! my car is black and it has 65xxx miles on it... the transmission is holding up pretty well, still the stock clutch on it as well...

Here are some older pics, definitely have to update them when I get my wheels!

I also have an OEM rear spoiler as well... again, I should be able to get more pics this week!
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Looks good. I like how it looks with the Sentra hubs and 2010-2012 grille. Im guessing your steelies are 16s?
Welcome to the family bro, car's looking awesome. Can't wait to see wheels on it.
Tail tints are just right and must look terrific with spoiler.
Thanks for the comments! The steels are actually 15's... I think the sentra hubcaps really helped the Look so I'm hoping the 15inch wheels will help even more. The spoiler definitely helps to add to the aesthetics.

I also forgot to mention that I installed Hella Supertones horns too... Actually allow other drivers to hear me!

And with the 2010-2012 grille, unfortunately I'm back to the 07 grille cause I was in an accident and they replaced the grill with a 2007 one :/ as much as I liked it... I'm not about to spend another 100ish dollars on another one!
Very nice! You've had that V a long time, how many miles now? How's the manual holding up? I'm on nico too, but usually i'm here. Welcome Cole!
Welcome Cole.

I agree, you've had that Versa a long time too :) Not many people keep them for very long it seems. Hoping for many many more trouble free miles :woot:
Welcome to the forums.
welcome! your v looks great :)
Welcome! I look forward to all of your pics.
That is cool that you have kept your V for so long.
Nice job on the V. And most importantly welcome.
Welcome to the forum, just in case it hasn't been said! LOL :party:
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