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hey guess whuuuuttt???

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I FREAKING GOT MY NEW RIMS TODAY!!! they are going to look epic on the v! also, i got my blue caliper paint today aswell! lil blue is about to change completley :DDD
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awesome. Can't wait to see pics.
I FREAKING GOT MY NEW RIMS TODAY!!! they are going to look epic on the v! also, i got my blue caliper paint today aswell! lil blue is about to change completley :DDD
Where did you find the paint?
i ordered blue spray paint from duplicolor. its heat resistant and its designed for brake calipers, rotors, etc. cost more in shipping than the paint lol
That will look awesome!
They don't sell duplicolor where you live?
I bought the kit with the paintbrush, that way I did not actually have to remove the calipers. I think with the spray can they recommend you remove them first. Also be sure to clean them :)
And post pictures when your done everything :)
yep ill have to remove them and spray but i think it will be fine. and they dont have the paint brush kit in blue.. so i got spray. :) anyone know what size tires i can use on 17x7 rims? i plan on lowering it and i was told 215/45/17 would fit fine but they are pricey... any pointers?
i just put 225/45-17 on my V, about 1/2" taller and wider than 215/45-17
I recommend going with 215/45/17, that's what I'm using.
215/45/17 had them for almost a year now and I think they're a great looking to upsize a little to 225's like bS.

That blue on white is just gonna look hottness!!
Awesome bro! Can't wait to see some photo's!

I was going to do the white on blue like my old car was, but they are waaaaay to hard to keep clean for this lazy bastard :p
i wanted wider. so i had to either get slightly taller or go with a 235 wide, but that size wouldnt work on a 7 wide wheel.
goin to get my tires today :) here they is

im way excited to see my rims on. ill try to get pics up today.
alright heres a story, my family was going out to joes crab shack so i dropped my car off at pep boys with rims in the back (2 in trunk and 2 in back seat). they told me 2 hours and it would be good to go, that they had the tires and the only problem is i might need to buy some tuner lugs. i come back after eating crab cakes and cheese sticks to find that not only had my rims not been put on, my car hadn't moved parking places. i walk in pissed trying to figure out why they are failing at their business and they tell me that they can only find 1 of the 4 tires they supposedly had. i left them my cell number before i went to joe's and told them to call if anything came up. so i took my keys and stormed off. my rims were in plain view of anyone who came by for over 2 hours so i consider myself (and they're physical being) lucky that they were there upon my return. so tomorrow im going to ken towerys to have a set of tires put on for some crazy labor day special. yesterday = FML.
everything mounted and i LOVE the look of them. here are some pics :p


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fusion high performance :)
now all you need to do is lower it.
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