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Hi all

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I everyone I'm a new Versa owner since Oct 18, 2010. And I totally love it!! I do have one big question any of you other Versa owners that live in states were it snows, have you had problems opening your windows on very cold and icy days?
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Welcomee :)
hey welcome to the forum i had a problem with my windows being froze shut this morning because it rained last night then droped to about 20
welcome to the forum. If you have any question dont hesitate to ask were a great group that love to help each other out
I haven't had any problems yet... Do they not work at all, or does the motor still try to open the windows?
Welcome! I had that issue with every car I ever had. Well it was due to ice one the window though.
Could it be a fuse also though. I dont have power windows so I wouldn't know
Welcome to the forum. Sounds to me like the windows were frozen shut have had it happen to every vehicle i own that has been left out in an ice storm or had water freeze on the side glass. No problem just thaw out the vehicle with the heater on high for a bit and carefully scrape the ice off the side windows same way you scrapw it off the windshield.
Thanks everyone

Turns out that my windows were just frozen, now I know to wait until the car is nice and toasty before trying to open the windows. But I'm one of these winter babies and even though I put the heat on I need to feel the cold on my face :)
Welcome LadyO. Yeah I've Had My V For The Past 3 Years And Every Winter My Windows Freeze Up. Its Normal Just Wait Till The Car Warms Up Alittle. Usually Freezing Rain And Snow Does It For Me.
Man I'm glad I don't have that problem here in fl lol
Man I'm glad I don't have that problem here in fl lol
Off subject =)
I think the older you get... the harder it is to deal with cold weather.
I remember I used to play tennis in 30F degree weather or went for a run at the I feel like its not worth it.
Florida sounds like a good place to retire with a house that has a swimming pool ;-) $$$

Okay, back to Hi All =)

I'm in Knoxville, TN
@ BluV

im still young but i can understand what you are saying. i love the cold and winter but i couldnt honestly do it and i give props to everyone that lives in the snow and drives in it i tip my hat to everyone. but yeah fl is awsome great place to retire lol
even though I put the heat on I need to feel the cold on my face :)
My MkI Golfs/Rabbits were awesome for that...heat on feet and windshield, with some cool air thru vents. I miss that!
Ironically, when it gets cold and stays cold, windows and doors are no problem cuz no melting and re-freezing. And roads stay nice and dry too.
Welcome to NVF! More pics! 08v
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