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Hi all!!

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Hi I just bought a 2011 Versa HB 1.8s yesterday. I love it so far, but I am looking for people who have owned one for a while for feedback. :)
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Welcome, mine has 81K miles

the best feedback I can give you is change the oil on time, and check the oil once a week to make sure is not low.
Just take care of the Versa, and it should run strong.
welcome!!! I don't have one but my other half does! Great car...good on mpg lots of room and I can put it anywhere
The Versa is quiet and rides smooth, has cold A/C. Welcome!
Welcome, I've had mine for almost 3 months now and so far so good. Hope you enjoy yours.
Where ya from? Feedback: this car is so roomy, efficient and smart, the minivan hardly moves any more! Very nice ride for a small car too. The trade-off is less firmness in the corners. But lotsa folk here can help with the go-kart goodness:D Welcome!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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