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Hi everyone, has anyone heard of this problem?

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Whats going on everyone?

I got a slight problem, or MAY have a slight problem with my wife's 08 hatchback Versa.

She say's it clicks during the turn signal, other than the turn signal normal clicking.

So I've asked her a series of questions, because I am a soldier deployed to Afghanistan, and her warranty expired. So therefore, im trying to understand if this is an issue I need to take the mechanic, or if it's something fixable by me.

These are the conclusions I have so far.

1. It clicks louder than the turn signal, and only during the turn signal operation.

2. It does not, click when the turn signal is not in operation.

3. It still clicks even when the car is in park, with the turn signal on ofcourse.
(Therefore it has nothing to do with movement of the car).

So my assessments are:

1. It's the turn signal automatically clicking back to "OFF" after the turn.
(Thought it seems to do it in the middle of the turn as well, and not only after the turn)
2. The turn signal is going out? (But would it make these noises?)

Your help would be much appreciated!

Thanks guys.
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I am not quite understanding what the problem is. :confused:
So it is clicking louder than normal?

Usually when a turn signal is out the clicker will flash / click rapidly.
I don't fully understand either. Maybe she can post a video of what is happening?
Although I am kind of confused myself by the problem you're asking about, it might sound like the turn signal may have a malfunction/some equipment off set so that it cannot click/maneuver correctly...thus needs to be looked at by Nissan or yourself to check it out. Hopefully nothing is inherently wrong with it and it is not interfering with safety/the law. (as in if cops were to say your wife didn't signal) That's just one of the possible many things it could be...good luck!
Here is a video I had her record for me. Check it out. I am just as confused as you guys.

1. It is louder than the clicker, seperate from the turning signal. So the turning signal is operating with normal clicking, but a louder click happens when you turn the steering wheel right or left to turn.
heres my opinion...
since it doesn't happen when the turn signal isn't on
i think the noise is coming from the part thats supposed to click the turn signal off.
i haven't noticed it on mine. i'll listen when i drive to work tomorrow.
i don't think its anything serious tho. but when it doubt check with nissan
The blinker isn't going out, there could be a malfunction of the signal unit itself that's interfering with the steering. I'm not exactly sure what it is, bring it to the dealer would be my last resort if it's bothersome.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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