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Hi I'm dave, admin of the forums

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Hello Everyone,

I just bought a 2009 versa S hatchback about 3 weeks ago, this weekend i will hopefully have time to take some pictures of it, along with installing radio and speakers.

Enjoy your stay everyone.
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hey dave, i got the 2008 Versa Hatchback (automatic) last year, and its my first car. i've tinted the windows and installed two 10'' subs (it bumps). im a rookie when it comes to upgrading the performance of engines though. So i was wondering if you had any upgrads on your versa?, and if so, what did you do to it?, what products did you use?, did you add a new intake or exhaust? Or is it all a waste of time?
As of right now the enigne is all stock, need to convince the wife to let me mod it, intake im sure would surely help out, exhaust maybee a bit as well. theres not a whole lot out there for the versa, im pretty sure 2dr sentra will chime in as well, not sure what all he has done dave
oh and congrats on it being your first car
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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