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Hi I'm lovesaga. I look forward to having a great nice community on this forum and hopefully NICO forums too.
Okay let me get down to it
I have a Nissan Versa Hatch

Current Mods are
Stillen Exhaust
Tint Legal 35 perecent

Parts Ordered are
AEM CAI Thanks NICO for the vote
DC strut bar (200 for Nismo 180 for Stillen 127 for DC do the math :))

Future Mods are
way too long to list

I hope to get maybe pics and video next week or there after!

I hope with this forum and NICO when can achieve
Group buys R#ELR#$%#%# why haven't we pulled this off yet
Maybe get companies to make parts for our cars
Give advice on Versa related stuff

So yeah Nice to meet you guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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