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Hi welcome me :P

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Hi I'm Dave I own a 2007 nissan versa not much mod "CAI, Strut bar" but its something to start with :p plans on having by june or july are adjustable shocks/struts/springs or full coil over "debating" and wheels and tires :p if there will be another meet let me know :p i will surely go :p
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whats up welcome don;t worry i havent done anything to my v yet. what color do you have?
ill take a pic and post it up in a few :p
Welcome Dave, thanks for joining welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay.

Dave's car is the first on the left and mine is the second one in the row.... the rest are Yaris.... and yes we are at deja vu!

thats me backing in, and Dave on the left
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Is that you with the hat on and a beard in the first pic?
yey thanks for posting hehehe :p yeah thats me inside my versa :p im inlove with the stripper ~ lol

the guy on the left owns a yaris, Versaspeed Bob, ME and then Dave
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welcome to the forums! haha the versa guys postn up
ty :p no worries reckless you didnt missed anything just a bunch of hot girls o_O hehehe
thats not the excuse you gave me on friday edgar...
o_O ohhhh excuses lol hahaha... you also missed the hot friends of the birthday party girl... too bad i had to bounce a little early because of the wedding :p
i had Bob's 15's in my car i was supposed to give them back to him, but guess what? theyre still in my car....
Oh dude, sry i missed this thread so far....

Welcome aboard from ten thousand miles away :p
Great pics. Hope this forum gets big enough and we get some New England members to have a few meets this way. Also welcome to the forum.
Looks like you guys enjoying yourselves in the pictures. I thought Bob was younger looking than that. I have different impressions of people compared to the pictures.
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