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Hello and welcome Scott. So you are the guy with 230k miles! Nice to meet you. I am striving to be the highest mileage 1.6 in the country. Currently about to hit 41k :). I have a little ways before I catch you but I'm trying.

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oil changes, trans fluid changes, new tires, couple batteries. Brake job. Still rolling the same shocks though. as for major problems. only one accociated with use. Cats and O2 sensors and the alternator
Hi Scott
how long did the MAF sensor last?
changed mine in Sentra at 153000km.
hoping the struts and muffler go south so i can upgrade:hand::wink5:

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Hows everyone going. For those not on NICO, I am Scott and I am a versaholic. I have an 07 Versa with now 230k miles on it. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.
230K like 230,000 miles on a 2007 Nissan Versa?
1. What type of fuel do you use to fill up your tank? 87, 89, or 93 octane?
2. What Oil brand do you use and what kind? 5/30, 10/30 or synthetic Oil?
3. Do you have Automatic or Manual?
4. Any transmission problems?
5. At what mileage did you change the transmission fluid and where did you take it or did you change the tranny fluid yourself?
6. what year did you purchace your car new or preowned?
7. Do you drive a lot everyday or just really long road trips?
8. coolant: any water pump problems? and how often do you change the coolant/antifreeze and what brand of antifreeze did you use?
9. do you have any engine aftermarket parts?
10. do you have any radio upgrades like MP3, Sub, AMP or external componets like external tweeters or anything?
11. have you done any major engine repairs? [blownheadgasket]
12. Any leaks from engine or transmission?

That is all I can think of. 230K is a lot of miles

I don't expect you to answer all those questions or anything, there's a saying you never know unless you ask so I went all the way LOL
btw, my name is Robert, live in Knoxville, TN
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