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HID Lights on Versa Sedan

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Hello All,

I own a 2012 Versa SV Sedan and was wondering if anyone has had success with installing HID Conversion Kits. When I installed mine..
Well, let me backup...

First off, the stock lights as everyone knows have a clear cut off. That's the regular Halogens. So, naturally I thought if I matched the HIDs with same number bulb size (9003 or H4s)

When I installed mine no matter how I positioned them Inside the housings They were ALL OVER the road. I couldn't get a clear cut off, Instead I got what looked like streams of light bouncing in all sorts of directions.

So, Im asking anyone with HIDs installed to snap some pics and tell me what kit you installed. Maybe my kit is messed up? It's by a reputable brand of HIDs (BrightStar) :eek6:

If I'm forced to retrofit some Acura or high end HIDs Projector kits in my Versa, I will. But, Man that's an expensive route to go.

PLEASE HELP ME fellow Versa members!

Now, back
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I have a DDM tuning kit, my drivers side is a tad bit lower than the right side but that's about it. maybe another member can chime in about it.
Normal headlight housing is not made to support HID's and thus they will not properly cut the beams at the correct points. To install HID lights properly you need "Projector" aftermarket headlights that are made specifically for HID's so they act correctly (and legally). If you are set on using an HID retrofit kit you will have to lower the bulbs beams to where it won't blind oncoming traffic to the point where they may wreck (PLEASE do this if you keep a retrofit) that way you will avoid wrecking people, making them feel like they want to beam you through a wall and best of all to avoid the 5-0.

Overall you can use them still correctly like that but I'd greatly recommend getting a pair of projector headlights (they look better and utilize the HID's light more correctly) and are not that expensive. Alternatively I've seen people add some heavy dark eyelid/tint to their headlights to artificially add a cutoff point.
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Same thig happened to me. My beam was everyone because of the stock reflector housing. I took the HIDs off cause id rather have a straight beam that was consistant. Im thinking of getting brighter halogen lights. Does anyone prefer a good brand that is bright?

P.s. anyone know if any projector headlights that will fit my 2014 sedan?
They sell projectors for the sedan but be warned they are pricy Versa for Nissan Sunny LED Angel Eyes Head Lights Projector Lens 2011 12 Year | eBay

$449 + 159.99 for shipping I have HIDs on my Headlights , well as the foglights. I got mine from tophids cause I ciupd drive 200 miles pick them up then wait 2 weeks for them in the mail
If you get the H4 HID replacements (philips set), you wont have any issues.
If you really care about cutoff's then you should install an aftermarket projector beam housing, like this one: Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit (H1) - Complete Retrofit Kits from The Retrofit Source Inc

The housing is mounted in place of your bulb. Its a pretty slick retrofit kit.
The only way to get a clear cutoff is to do a HID retro on the oem housings.

HID's in stock halogens is pretty pointless
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