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high mileage motor Oil

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what do you guys think about high mileage motor oil? like castrol GTX high mileage or valvoline high mileage

are they worth the xtra cost?
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I use them in my dakota (250,xxx mi) couldnt say if it makes a difference or not lol.
I don't know...? they claim that it seals leaks and helps prevent motor oil I have no clue
my car doesn't leak oil or burn oil but on my last oil change the guy asked me to try it, I only said yes because he gave me a 7 dollar discount.

35.00 for regular oil and 45.00 for high mileage

Dealers don't use high mileage motor oils or do they?
Idk i thought they were only for cars that have alotta miles like 150,xxx
I guess I'm going to stick with high mileage just to say hey I did my best to keep her running good and keeping those seals from leaking :thumb2:
and keep changing the oil every 3,000 miles. the truth of the matter is you can not prevent engine wear, just like you can't prevent gobal warming.

its going to happen and a lot of businesses and the government are both making money out it.
preventing engine wear by selling high mileage motor oil and...
preventing global warming by applying cap and trade regulations

I'm searching on line and some sites say high mileage works, and some say it makes no differnce
Whats your mileage now? What were you using before?
I don't know much about high mileage oils but if your really concerned with the quality of oil then just get a really good oil. Enos and Amsoil are probably the best on the market. Hard to come by and expensive but supposedly worth it.

But before you do that let me tell you I had a turbo car that ran walmart synthetic most of it's life. I sold the car with 218k miles and the engine stilled purred like a kitten. It's more about your intervals then the oil. I changed that out every 5k miles.
i used high mileage oil and lucas oil aditive on my 150+k miles 86 mustang, no problems so far
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