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I would like to introduce my X.
I let her go not too long ago.
Her name is Velvy.

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Why did u let her go for a versa? And is that a hard drop top I see?
Very nice car :)

Why did u let her go for a versa? And is that a hard drop top I see?
Everyone has reasons, the V isn't really that bad of a car. I myself went from a Mustang GT to a V :biggrinjester: although for me it was because of the massive insurance payments (they rob you blind if your young).
so what made you change? how do you feel about the change?
Mmmm very nice:ihih:I want an e46 coupe with 2.5 and manual and those m3 rims
Velvy = E46 330Ci Cabriolet Sport Package + Hard Top MT.
Best Honorable Vert Award in Driven To Perform Show 2010.
I miss her a lot especially now that it is topless season.

I sold the BMW for her monetary value.
I needed to do so to help pay for a new house down payment.
I was getting brilliant gas mileage from her (approx 650L full tank - 8.8L per 100kms).
My insurance bills aren't bad either.

Having mentioned all that...
I didn't really get the Versa (en route) as a "replacement" for Velvy.
Velvy was my annual summer fling.
The Versa will be my daily driver probably until she dies on me.
I am currently looking for a new project/summer ride.

I was looking at the following as my daily driver:
Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2, Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, and the Nissan Versa.
Hands down the Nissan Versa won my vote.
I couldn't say no to the following:
0% Financing for 84mo, the most spacious, the best looking hatch, and the affordability.
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