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Hit the Curb....

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Hey guys,

I was going down a fairly steep hill with windy turns and there was about 2 cms of snow that had just fallen. I was going to fast on the turn and lost control of the car. The vehicle made 180 degree turn and my left rear tire made out with the curb and my front left tire followed after.

The impact was hard enough to scuff up the alloys and it appears my rear suspension beam is bent on the left side causing my left tire looks like \ as opposed to my right tire that looks | . Rims are straight and the car drives normal. The alignment is definitely off on the front as my steering wheel needs to be on the left side to drive straight.

If I replace my rear suspension beam will my left rear tire return to its original position? (Can't do the alignment as its a solid rear axle). I'm hoping the suspension arm isn't damaged on the left side.

How complicated is it to replace these parts?

(This is the beam thats bent)
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wow that sucks im sorry and i dont think it should be hard as long as there are no welds holding it to ur chasis. and if you do it i would def say its a two person job. but should be to hard
The rear beam is actually pretty easy to replace but be warned it is heavy as all get out.
By replacing the beam, would the wheel straighten out? Or would I have to replace another part?
Got my car up on a hoist and these are the two pictures I took. Its evident that the beam is bent and needs replacing. He also recommended I change the wheel bearing as it's likely damaged. I managed to find instructions on how to replace the beam but it looks like a lot of work. Going to e-mail my local wreckers to see if they are cheaper then the dealership.

Can I buy used wheel bearings from the wreckers?
How much brake fluid do I need to buy when I drain it out?
Where can I work on my car in the winter?

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They needed an hour to inspect the "problem area" ($106.00 for the hour) before they could quote me the cost of labour. So I never bothered since I'll be paying what I already know. My guess with labour and parts is approximately $1000 - $2000. My friend is a mechanic and he made the recommendation of changing the wheel bearings (sorry if that caused confusion).

Option A New (Genuine Nissan Parts)
1 x Rear Suspension Beam $800.00
1 x Wheel Bearing $400.00
2 x Brake Fluid $8.99 Each
5 - 6 Hour Labour $106.00 per/hour
Total: $1748 - $1854 plus tax

Option B (Used Parts and New Parts)
1 x Used Rear Suspension Beam $150.00
1 x New Wheel Bearing $400.00
2 x Brake Fluid $8.99 Each
10 Hours Labour with Friends (cost of dinner and a case of beer)
Total: $500 - $600

I spoke with the Nissan parts guy and he said I'll probably need two bottles of brake fluid when I do the flush.
I've decided IF I need to replace the wheel bearing I'll get a new one. Getting a used wheel bearing is pointless.
I also managed to get permission to use the back shop at my work to do the repair over the weekend :)
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good call on the new bearing, i didn't know they were that expensive. I think its a press fit, which is why you can't reuse the bearing.
So I changed the axle out last weekend and replaced the bearings the next day as they started to scream murder. Out of 10 the level of difficulty was about 6.5. Here are some pictures from the job

Below you can see the bent under the bracket

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Nice job replacing that all yourself! Rewarding, isn't it?
wow man congrats. if you dont mind me askin how much was it all to fix it?
It's definitely a great achievement since everything worked out so nicely. After the incident my steering wheel was pulling to the left, now its straight again :). Really surprised how much the rear can affect the steering column.

The cost of the project:
Wheel Bearing $270.00 (parts guy gave me an decent deal)
Rear Axle (Used) $226.00
Brake Fluid $9.00
Total: $505.00 all freight and taxes in.
Great job! love the diy savings. Stupid curbs jump out here too:D
hello everybody
how are you ?????

I have a question :

can I install tiida parts model 2008 or 2009 in tiida model 2006 ?????

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You buy winter tires after as well?
Ya I got the Good Year Nordics
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