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I finally got my iphone cases in the mail today.

The day I bought my iphone the salesman asked if I wanted to get a case, I said "Yes, but I want a Hello Kitty one". He just looked at me, lol. I told him I was going to order them online.

I ordered 2 HK cases, and a pink silicon case, and a clear case, plus a screen protector from, FREE SHIPPING, so for 4 cases and a screen protector it cost me under $9.00 CDN :D Super cheap price, just took about a month to receive, lol.

Check it out :D

Back of the case

Cute HK app :) Plays a little video for the 35th anniversary! Shows what each colour means (matches my 35th anniversary HK bear)

And the cute Las Vegas phone charm I bought :D

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