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Introducing the Pampered Princess!

Here is my 2008 Versa SL. She is fully loaded with the sport and technology package. Love her to pieces :)

Newest picture of her: Installed Nissan window visors :)

All ready for the winter: Hankook winter tires and Sacchi rims

My Hello Kitty interior :)

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Some cool pics from today :)

Early morning ...

At work. A fellow co-worker drives the Blue Versa :)

Front shot of the twins.
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Looks great, what's with all those names on the billboard "kenwood, alpine denon"? Oh what is that CIBC, do you work there?
The advertisements are for EHR (East Hamilton Radio). They are a big seller of electronics (especially car electronics). Yes that is CIBC, but I work for TD Canada Trust. All the major banks are built right close to each other. The area is still under construction as they are building everything new. Our branch was just built and it opened last November.
Where you asking what CIBC is? Or if I worked there, lol?
CIBC is a bank here in Canada (stands for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce).
I asked if you worked at CIBC but you told me you worked at TD Canada Trust before saying so. Hope that clears it up for you.
There's a lot of stuff going on inside her! lol
Yeah true, but it's cool to see people do unique things to their vehicles. Such as Hello Kitty theme, it's cool

People here in CO either drive SUVs and Subarus or old POS vehicles that are in neglect, it's ridiculous. People have no taste here and if you drive something out of the ordinary and different, they look at you like your from a different planet.
Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it.
I recently purchased the Hello Kitty steering wheel cover. I originally didn't want to get it because the steering wheel is already pretty nice (being leather and all). However, I just couldn't resist. I just put it on today. I'll take a pic soon and post it :)
so much hello kitty lol. but very clean V and im diggin the rims :) they look great
so much hello kitty lol. but very clean V and im diggin the rims :) they look great
Lol, thanks!!!! I LOVE Hello Kitty :)

The rims in one of the first posted pictures are Sacchi rims, and they are actually my winter rims! Every store was out of black steel rims when I bought my winter tires last year, so I had to get a bit fancy and those were the ones that fit! They do look pretty good for winter rims!
That would look sweet!!!!! Maybe when the winter rims look like crap from the salt (in a few years) I'll paint them! That would definitely stand out! I once saw a mini cooper decked out in HK gear. I'll try to find a pic! I loved it! haha!
OMG I love that HK dressed as a ladybug! That looks awesome as a side decal!!!! And you gave her eyelids! Aww ... she looks so cute :) And that pink is bright! Wow! Thanks for the pic. I should post it on facebook and see what people say! haha!

Here are pics of the HK mini I was talking about. I would love to get my side mirrors done like this:

Side view:

Front view:

Side mirrors:


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