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hood lever

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Letting you guys/gals know if you ever happen to open your hood on the car to be careful. I pulled the lever too fast, and the metal wire came loose from the lever. Its not attached anymore so I have to pull on the wire to open the hood. I knew it was bound to happen soon enough.

I'm going to take it into the dealer Tuesday morning at 10:30 and get it repaired, nothing is broken it just needs to be reattached to the plastic mounts so its stationary for the hood lever to do the job. Hopefully its covered under warranty. If you want, I can take pictures for a visual aid.
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always post pics!
Let us know if the dealer fixes it under warranty.

My Versa will be at the dealer on Tuesday as well! 7:45 am ...
ooooo thats happen to me too and on the gas one too and now one side is broke so i have to do it easy now or it comes out lol ill take picks to show u guys and girls

The metal cylinder is suppose to be where the lever is so it can pull on the metal wire to open the hood. The slots where the wires go are made of plastic and those could possibly break. I tried to insert it back, but I didn't want to end up messing it up.
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our mazda3 is like that...we were able to "set" it back in, but now you have to be real gentle pulling on the lever
I got it fixed, took one of the employees at the dealer about 10 minutes to put it back in place, no charge
Did they re-attach it or did they replace it? You mentioned before it might not be quite as strong as before it came out the 1st time. I was curious if they took the extra step or not.
It was reattached, the problem is I have to be more careful opening the hood again or it will come out. I wish the holders were made of solid metal instead of plastic and didn't have the openings like in the previous pictures.
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