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Horn dosent work

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Anyone had this problem yet. I cant push the horn button and get it to work but if i push the remote button it will still go off
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My sentra had more than one relay marked for horn. Found that very strange. That must be why! Try swapping relays around. Maybe fuses too but i doubt that if the horn still works. I'm not a mechanic though, just my two cents. Hope it helps
So I have figured the problem. I had to replace this Nissan Parts, NISMO and Nissan Accessories -

So I get it replaced check to see if the horn works and it does. Viola Got to pull out of the place I just fixed it turn the sterring wheel hear whats sounds like something braking and no more horn. Thankfully the dealer is going to swap it for me as the part has a warranty
Glad you got it fixed! :cheers2:

Where is that switch located?
its behind the steering wheel. ur light and wiper switches attach to it
In case that link dies it is the body combination switch part number 25567-ET025. Another good thread by bigdaddychia.
I had the same problem with my 08 few years back. I took it to the dealer and they said it was a bad contact on the horn pad. They ended up replacing my steering wheel. Since then, no problems.
that switch is called a clock spring. It conects the horn contact and also the drivers airbag. if you disconnect the steering wheel shaft anf turn the steering wheel more than 3 times around it will break this spring and you will have to replace it as the horn will no longer work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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