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Horn modification

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I have changed out the horn since I did not like the high tone one that came with the Versa. Does anyone know can I splice teh existing wires and put a second horn in? There is room for it, but I am not sure if splicing the existing wires will do any damage. I want more sound without paying $100 for a realy loud one.
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I have no worthwhile input. However I will say I am interested in getting an air horn for mine. Because that would be awesome!
Someone on here took thier horn out and put a horn from a bus or truck. It was loud.
Just a tip for everyone. I got 2 horns for Autozone and spliced the wires. It works. The on,y problem was finding a good location to mont the second horn to keep a good sound.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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