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How bad do you think this is?

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So, we bought a new Versa yesterday, love the car, but kind of a bad experience with the dealer. Aside from all the shady stuff they tried to pull with the financing, they ended up sending us home with a fuse unplugged (so no turn signal lights or dash lights), and also with all four tires with low pressure (at 20psi when they should be at 35psi). After reading this forum and fixing the fuse issue, the dashboard lit up with the tire pressure warning, but we were able to properly inflate all four tires ourselves and remove that warning. The dealer also did not give us working key fobs, because they said it was too hard to locate the correct fobs for the car, so we have to go back tomorrow to have them re-program the fobs they did give us. So I'm just wondering what else the dealer may not have inspected on the car that we might need to look at. Or whether I should bother raising a stink with the dealer (obviously they won't be getting a good customer review from us, and there's no way in hell I'll ever take the car in them to be serviced). But what do y'all think?
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That's really shady! If they did those things on purpose.... can you say lawsuit? But I guess it would be hard to prove they did it purposely to get you to come back and spend more money.

Sounds like you're on top of them. Good luck and keep your eyes peeled. Btw, if it's not already painfully obvious, I think you should name the dealer so others won't be scammed.
It was North Bay Nissan in Petaluma, CA. Yeah, really cannot recommend them. Our sales guy was nice enough, but the finance guy and obviously whatever techs prepped our car should be ashamed. I'm thinking of contacting the other Nissan dealer in town and seeing if they'll comp me an oil change and inspect the car if I agree to get future servicing done there.
That's balls. Why they would risk losing further business is beyond stupid, and it seems like no one prepared your car, just said they did. I would of gone the route of buyers remorse, and took the car .back within 24 hours.
further worried about the car?
get it inspected from a garage or workshop where they have 100 point checkup or similar...
so the faults - if any can be diagnosed.
You should file a report in the local BBB
Take it to a different Nissan dealer (if there is one in your area) and have them check it out, or you can take it back where you bought it and make them do it. If you contact your salesman and relay him your issues he will probably get it taken care of for you. The last thing he would want is for you not to recommend him. I hope you get it worked out...
when I bought my versa I looked for anything wrong to not buy the car or make them fix the car but I couldn't find anything wrong. the sales guy was really nice, the lender from the bank was nice, she even asked me if I had any questions. we went over the paper work about the loan and when I left the dealer the versa drove like a brand new car.

on your case,
I would go back and tell them to fix everything they forgot to do on the list
My experience when purchasing the Versa was good. Went over the engine compartment, where to fill the wiper fluid and oil dip stick. They had a prep person go over the car with me to show how to setup the radio, turn on/off the wipers, lights, read the dash lights, open the hood, gee, I would not have known to put my fingers next to the "N" on the emblem, close the hatch, child proof door locks, heat/air knobs a few other things I can't remember at the moment. Oh and one other item, they pointed tore is a arrow next to the gas gauge that shows which side of the car to fill the gas. I never saw that!! <grin> Even had the gas tank filled.

I would also be skeptical about bringing the car back for service. May want to look at a different dealer for warranty repair.
We took the car back to them today. Apparently the real reason our key fobs did not work is because the car was not properly prepped. I guess in addition to the cars shipping with the fuses being pulled, the tech is supposed to hold both the turn signal and the headlight sticks down for five seconds which re-sets all the dash lights (and explains why both our turn signal indicator lights were on when we started the car). Clearly the sales guy was more into his football game and less into our sale on the day we bought the car, and based on the condition we got the car in, so was the tech. Anyway, it seems to be fixed now, but we'll be taking the car to a different dealer for servicing for sure. There is no way I'd let them anywhere near the car after that experience. Insane.
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