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How do I protect cheap plastic interior in Versa Note S

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The interior of my wife's 2009 Versa is like a Cadillac, compared to the all super-cheapo plastic of my 2014 Versa.

Is there any reasonable way to protect that cheap black plastic siding? Maybe ArmorAll, or something?

Also, can I do anything to protect upholstery?
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i've found the best way to protect the plastic is to keep your keys and any hard, sharp objects away from it and also found this product to be very good in helping to keep the plastic looking like new: Chemical Guys TVD_201_16 - Vintage Series Natural Shine, Satin Shine Dressing (16 oz) also as far as the interior goes i tried many different things and have found a product called Blue Coral that cleans the upholstery to almost like new condition. as far as comparison between the old and new versa hatch, yes it will seem like they went cheap on the interior, but when you consider the Note's main competitor is the Honda Fit you will be glad to know that the Fit's interior is just as plastic filled as the Note's...whether Honda or Nissan will upgrade their interiors at some point is up to pure speculation, but considering that both cars are their entry level econo boxes i highly doubt that they will upgrade the interior all that much on either car at any point in the future.
You can make any interior last forever by just being kind to it... Don't use the bolster of the seats to get in, wrap sharp stuff with clothes when it's going to be up against plastic. Got a 330 000KM Versa and the interior still looks like new, seat bolsters barely even worn. These cars are loss leaders for any car company, it's what brings people in, so that later they may buy a 350Z or a Rogue or whatever. You have to spend alot of coin these days to even get a leather interior on high up models. The only thing leather will be the seats. You can wrap stuff in Alcantara or leather if you want to.

This is one of the cheapest fucking new cars you can buy. You want some more quality get a VW or a Mazda 3, or get an old GTI with a leather interior.
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