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How many Keyless Entry key fobs are necessary for two drivers?

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My used Versa HB SL came with only one keyless entry key fob.

I've finally found a vendor who sells these reasonably.

Now I don't know how many to buy.

With regular transponder keys, I get 2 keys for each driver: one to use and one for the other pocket in case the first is lost or locked in.

But these keyless entry key fobs can each be seperated from its key and each part works without the other.

So can I simply keep the key on my key chain and only use the key if the remote is lost or locked in.

Or should I get four complete keyless entry remote/key units? Do I need 4?

How many do you use?

Thank you for any replies.

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I have two keyless entry key fobs and two keys. One key fob & key per person is enough in my opinion.
Thank you, iluvmyVersa08. I think I'll do as you suggest.
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