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How many miles does your Versa have

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Mine has 62K already I wish it had less
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76,875 in bc a 2011. When I got her in 2016 she had 41,100 miles and still smelled and looked brand new.
do you have 2011? Hatchback or Sedan?
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2010 - Hatchback - 165,000. Car runs fine. One of the cylinders had oil when I replaced the spark plugs - twice.
The transmission is starting to go, probably should have been replacing the fluid more often - only once after 110k. To be honest it's fine though.
AC needs to be refilled every summer. The hatchdoor wouldn't open, the trigger for the hatch is in the passenger door, replaced it myself, hatch works good now.
One of my brake calipers had a bit of rust, but I replaced it. All together the car is good. Still peepy on a straight away, it's gutless on a hill though.
761 miles, car runs great...cant believe it's made it this far, it's been a long journey

761 miles, car runs great...cant believe it's made it this far, it's been a long journey
A 2020 and you're surprised it's gone 761 miles?
99k on my 12, only had for two months. She is not expensive to maint., but I'm OCD, so flush tranny and new coolant, both CV axle, tie rods, front brakes.
looking to put some new plugs in soon, but some what didn't want to do it myself.
2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback 1.8L. Bought April 2013 with 5215 miles on it. Now has 159,900 miles and I still use it every day!
I also have a 2012 Versa Hatchback 1.8L with a 6-speed manual. I bought mine in 2014 with around 20k miles. Now has 93,826 miles and it's also my daily. Nothing but tires, oil changes, a replacement set of spark plugs and a replacement serpentine belt. Original brakes & original clutch still working properly (I downshift everytime I slow/stop). I bought this car in my 20s and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be running strong in my 40s. Any tips/tricks/recommendations after 100k? Thanks!
2012 SV sedan with about 2,500 miles.

that's very low mileage for a 2012!
I thought I was low ish with 75k on a 2007 hb! Sounds like a little old lady car
2017 first owner 45, 234
Manual transmission
I have a 2009 Versa S HB, It had the 4 speed 1.8 with 168k on it. Everything works hoping to get a lot more miles on it.
I have a 2012 hatchback 1.8 with 4-speed automatic trans and 144k. I baby it.
2011 1.8L 6MT S Hatchback
Original owner, 224k miles and still going strong! Only a few major items (recently) AC compressor @ 208k, first clutch at 213k, and just replaced the catalytic converter pipe at 223k.
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2009 Versa Hatchback 1.8 4 speed. I just hit 170k today!
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261k on my 2011 Hatchback and still going strong
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I just bought my first versa. An 09 1.6 5 speed sedan with 115k on it. I'm in love with this little thing. Looking to do a muffler delete on it already and a new set of wheels
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