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Torque is torque. A properly calibrated torque wrench should give you the same value as another give or take a couple of percentage. Leverage simply allows less effort at the end of the wrench.

I know that common advice is to not lubricate the studs, but here in the rust belt, I always apply a small amount of anti-seaze. Lubrication actually keeps the friction of the threads from "using up" the torque required to properly tighten against the wheel. It also allows you to remove them some day.

The fear is that the lube will allow the lug nuts to "back off". If you keep the lube away from the seating surface between the lug and the wheel, you won't have a problem. Re-torque them after a couple of weeks of driving to be sure.
My mechanic told me he's not worried I will over-do it, but rather be sure to torque evenly with each lug. Then i resnug them after 50-100km.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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