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How much worse: Tanabe vs. Stock Springs?

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I finally got a piece of email spam that I wanted: A recommendation to this site.

Just wondering- I want to lower my 09' hatch to make my 17's fit nice, but I really like the stock ride quality. What can I expect? Maybe to describe in percentage would be better as far as stiffness. Is ride quality annoying for daily driving? I drive streets, but mostly freeway. I've seen claims of 5% stiffer on Tanabe's vs. stock, but I seriously doubt it.
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The ride isn't much stiffer from stock springs. I would say, it's a bit rough over cracks, bumps and dips but you get used to it right away. Ride quality isn't annoying, I actually like it a bit stiffer, plus my steering response is better and shaper.

You should be fine with 17" wheels, it will look good on lowered springs. Rubbing shouldn't be a problem, just take it easy over speedbumps and driveways that have a steep incline. Other than that, you ought to be good.

BTW, welcome to the site! How did you hear about us?
Springs will give you a stiffer ride without a doubt. Combined with low profile tyres you'll feel more nooks and crannies in the road, however this is only minimal compared to the better style result (she'll look better) and much much better performance on the road as far as handling goes.
welcome to the forums! the tanabe springs will give that stock ride feeling, so i say go for it....
Be very careful going over bumps especially, I drover over one yesterday (there was no bump sign) and that was very rough! It made my sunglasses holder on the top pop down, literally. lol
i have backed into a parking block and almost took off my rear bumper....
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